Where others see established, we see outdated.

Where others hang onto the old, we move towards the new.

Where others stick to a 60-year old technology, we lead into the modern age.

It’s through change we’re able to revolutionize the world of warehousing.

What we do?

Who are we?


It all started with an out-of-the-box idea.


How can I make booking a warehouse as easy as booking a hotel room?


As the Founder, CEO, and (currently) the only male member of our team I make sure we stay focused while keeping the ladies in check. 😉

Maja 1

I call the shots when it comes to our social media platforms.


I make sure we post regularly, engage with our audience and grow our community.


Apart from that, I am also athletic; I’ve been known to surf the web for hours.

Maja 2

I have an undiagnosed case of OWD or Obsessive Word Disorder.


When it comes to grammar and spelling I’m the one who runs the show.


I’m in charge of sending out quality emails, and making sure we NEVER run out of coffee.


Sales is my middle name.


Well prepared offers and great customer support are only a few items on my repertoire.


My favorite pastime activity is – you guessed it – talking.

Mario - Stoingcargo


3,2,1 and I’ve got the warehouse ready for you!


I’m quick and have great people skills, but I’m terrible at grammar. Please don’ judge!.


I’m proud to be part of the StoringCargo team and the community that’s building the future of warehousing.

How StoringCargo can help you?

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Change the empty space in your warehouse into a profit.

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If you want a warehouse

Find yours among 453 warehouses worldwide.

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If you have a question

If you need our help or you have a question, contact us now.

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That’s why we strive to change the world for the better every day.

Are you with us or not? 

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