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How long does the registration process take if I want to rent out warehouse space?

I swear it only takes 4 minutes! It’s a really simple and straightforward process.l.

I want to rent out warehouse, how much will it cost me?

It’s absolutely free! Since you already have all the equipment, like a forklift (correct?), you’re all set to go.

How does it work?

When someone makes a reservation, you get an email (and an SMS notification as well). You get to decide if you want to confirm or decline the request. Once the cargo arrives at the warehouse, you initiate the »Start storing« process, and once it leaves the warehouse, you initiate the »Start shipping« process inside our platform.

How much can I make?

If you rent out warehouse space you can earn a few hundred to a few thousand euros a month. It all depends on your prices, location, availability, and responsiveness. What’s unique about StoringCargo is that we allow you to set your own prices however you like..

How does the payment work?

We (StoringCargo) pay for the warehousing services to you (the warehouse). This means we 1000 % guarantee you’re getting paid, and we deal with the end clients so you don’t have to. Once the reservation is complete, and the cargo leaves the warehouse, you bill us for all the services. We pay your invoice right away (same day). You can be sure everything is safe & secure.

I want to rent out warehouse, but what will my responsibilities be?

You’ll have to take responsibility for the cargo’s safety, and we’ll also ask you to upload your insurance paperwork. We strive to make our platform safe for everyone, and this is a crucial part of it.

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    “I have been renting out empty space in my warehouse for about 6 months now, and with the earnings on the platform, we can cover the entire monthly costs of the warehouse. Recommend!”

    Max, a carpenter in the UK

    Who we are?

    Our mission is to revolutionize the world of warehousing. We connect those who are looking for a warehouse with warehousing providers (such as yourself), while digitizing the whole process. 

    Our team currently consists of 5 members.

    David is our in-house mastermind, Maja 1 takes care of our social media, Maja 2 is in charge of email marketing, and Maša and Mario lead the customer support.

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    IN WHICH CITY do we need warehouses?

    Everywhere! We need warehouses all over Europe (from major cities – e.g. Rent out warehouse in London to warehouses in villages – e.g. Bangor). I am often asked: “Can I rent out warehouse, even though I live in a village, outside the city?” And of course, the answer is “Yes!” Sometimes a customer needs a warehouse that is not in the city center because such a warehouse is more accessible.

    HOW MUCH warehouse space are we looking for?

    The more you have, the better. We do not have a set minimum and maximum warehouse area that you can rent out, so you can click “Rent out warehouse” and rent out only 1 m2 or several thousand m2 of your warehouse.

    WHICH TYPE of warehouses are we after?

    All of them! Simply put, we’re after any warehouse with a roof and 4 walls. We need outside and inside spaces, temperature-controlled warehouses, as well as ADR warehouses. And if you offer pallet warehousing or customs warehouse, we’re looking for you too. As far as equipment goes, if you have a forklift, you’re all set!

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