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    Hi there, let us just say a few quick words about us, who are we and what we do.

    Storing cargo is all about warehousing service. 
    Warehousing service means, that we take care for loading and unloading your cargo, storage and all stock eviedences. We are taking care for ALL IN, to make it easier for you!

    We can help you get warehousing service in every European country, with the most flexible options.

    Usually we store cargo for companies and usually (but not always) the cargo is storaged on pallets.


    (don’t worry, we have more than 733 locations in 28 countries)


    Contact me and I will send you FREE warehouse offer ?


      How much does warehousing cost?

      At StoringCargo, we charge for storage “per pallet per day”. This means that if you have 12 pallets in stock today, we will charge you 12. However, if you only have 5 pallets in stock tomorrow, we will only charge you those 5.

      That means that you pay for the amount of goods you have in storage on each day and nothing more.

      Can I trust the warehouses on StoringCargo?

      You can completely trust warehouses. They have all been verified by the StoringCargo team. The verification process consists of 10 steps. This is how we guarantee the safety of all our warehouses.

      In case any situation arises just contact our support team and they will assist you, including guaranteeing a full refund.

      Is there a time or quantity limit that needs to be completed?

      No, there are no limits. You can store only 1 small box for one hour or more than 100 pallets for many years if you want to. We are completely flexible for all your needs.

      Which services does the warehouse provide?

      Warehouses provide unloading, storing, loading, reloading, transshipment, repacking, packing, picking fulfillment, and distribution (transport and fulfillment) services. If you need special service you can contact the warehouse by chat feature.

      How does the payment work?

      Once the warehouse confirms your reservation & you bring cargo to their warehouse, you will receive an email with the invoice (from StoringCargo) which needs to be paid in the next few days by a bank transfer.

      What is StoringCargo?

      StoringCargo is a platform that connects warehouse seekers & warehouse owners in one place. The concept is based on “Sharing Economy”.

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      6 Free TIPS for warehousing!

      1. Safety & Security: In the vast majority of warehouses, they do not even take care of the basic security of the warehouse, let alone the cargo. At StoringCargo we check every new warehouse that registers, whether it provides security equipment and offers insurance. We believe that the basis is to ensure the safety of the cargo, right?

      2. Price: The price consists of 4 items. unloading (when cargo arrives in the warehouse), storage (per pallet per day), loading (when cargo leaves the warehouse) and minimum monthly cost. Such a calculation gives you maximum flexibility and makes sure there are no hidden costs.

      3. Access to the warehouse: It often seems self-evident that all trucks can access the warehouse. But this is not always possible. A mistake at this point can bring you a lot of problems and more expensive transport / delivery. So we make sure that our warehouses have normal access to the warehouse.

      4. Warehouse equipment: Most warehouses have only a hand pallet forklift and a 1.5T forklift. Therefore, in case you need special equipment for manipulation make sure that the selected warehouse has the appropriate equipment.

      5. Communication: Take your time and explain to the warehouse what you need. Warehouses can mostly fulfil all the requirements, they just need to be clearly explained. Asas we said before, we are very flexible and adaptable

      6. Trust: All warehouses on our platform are serious companies that have the desire to help and therefore earn something. When you outsource your cargo to a warehouse, you also hand over control, which requires trust. In rare cases can happen that something can go wrong but it shouldn’t happen often. 

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